Sell my Audi, VW, BMW, Mercedes or other Premium Marque.

Looking for the best price for your prestige car and peace of mind?

We have been established since 2002 and we are always interested in buying good condition, well specified cars with full service history.

We are specialist buyers for Audi, Audi quattro, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen and we are also able to value all other makes and models.

If you have decided to sell your car and wish to avoid the inconveniences of selling it privately you are at the right place. If you own a high specification vehicle with full service history you can expect a great price, usually much higher that found at other dealers or car buying outfits.

7 Reasons to sell your prestige car to Evans Parker:

Guaranteed Fixed Price for 7 days. Cut out the car buying websites that offer one figure on the screen and always less when you get there.

So if you wish to avoid the pitfalls of selling you car privately, the tyre kicking time wasters, appointments where people just don’t show up, the cost of insuring and taxing two cars at once or worse still, falling victim to professional car thieves who either steal cars during the test drive or who pay with counterfeit cash, Bank Drafts or fake bank transfers, you do have an alternative.

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