Vehicle Sourcing

Let us find you your next Audi, BMW, Mercedes or VW.

To apply for this service please fill in the form below detailing your specific requirements and we will contact you once we have sourced examples to offer you.

Our service is the easiest way to buy a car and it’s also the smartest. Whatever it is you’re looking for, new or used, we’ll find it for you. We’ll help you part-exchange your old car, and can even take it away for you. You can be sure we’ll always get you the best deal possible, and because we understand that your time is precious we will spend all the time required to make sure you get exactly the car you want, ready to drive away.
How it works:

Step One

Tell us what car you want, new or used. We’ll scour the market and find every available car that fits your brief.

Step Two

Tell us which car you like best. We can arrange detailed expert inspections if you want, and will make sure you have all the information you need to decide.

Step Three

We negotiate the best possible price with the seller, taking into account your part-exchange if you have one. If you want any extras, upgrades or other work to be carried out on the car, we’ll look after it all for you.

Step Four

We’ll help you arrange secure payment for your car, collect it from the seller and prepare it for your collection from either our West Sussex or West London offices.

For further information on these options please call us on 01243 914914, email us, WhatsApp us, or click here for all contact options.

Or please fill out our vehicle sourcing form below: